GDG Gigcity

Introduction to Google Material Design Lite

When and Where

schedule 2016-07-20 6:00 pm Eastern
place 1028 Signal Mountain Road Suite #103, Chattanooga, TN, Chattanooga, TN
directions Just before you turn to go up Signal Mountain, there is an office building on the right. Has Xtrax Carpet Cleaners sign. Use the right side of the building has an archway with steps down, go down. The door for Code Journeymen is at the bottom.



This month we will be looking at Google Material Design light, a Twitter Bootstrap like CSS framework that follows the Material Design guidelines.

If you would like to follow along then bring a computer with:

  • A web server of your choosing (Apache, Nginx or more lightweight options like Caddy or Devd)
  • A text editor of your choosing