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Hack @ Home on Android M with Google's own Chet, Dan & Adam

When and Where

schedule 2015-07-05 6:00 pm Eastern
place 100 Cherokee Blvd Chattanooga, TN 37405
directions Held in Suite #332 on the 3rd floor, manufacturing side. Offices of Code Journeymen LLC



Come join us for the “What’s new on Android M: Hack @ Home” event. We will be showing the live stream event with Google’s own Chet, Dan & Adam who will be giving an in-depth overview of some of the new features that are new in Android M, as well as the ability to get some hands on time with the new release.

Please note that if you plan to attend our viewing party, or doing this at home please take a moment to register on the main event page Google can have a proper headcount, and make sure to give you information that you will need in time for the event.

The official site can be found here